Tutorials run on Monday September 3rd. This year there are only two, so there is no need for agonizing choices. Go to both, they complement each other nicely, the general theme being how to make your web sites more accessible to a broader readership. These tutorials are ideal for anyone creating web sites for the federal government, but their applicability is much broader than that.

The first seminar is "Making Accessible Web Sites," by Katie Cunningham of Cox Digital Media. Katie is well-known for her interest in accessibility. Her blog, in her web site The Real Katie is always full of interest, and now includes a "DjangoCon: What to Do in DC" post that everyone attending the conference would do well to read.

In the afternoon we follow up with Chris Adams of the Library of Congress, who will present "Building Multilingual Sites." Those who like to learn about Django follow Chris's blog at chris.improbable.org for the always thoughtful comments about web technologies.

Tickets go on sale on Saturday, August 11 at 12:05 am EDT. Places are strictly limited, so make sure you reserve your tickets now