Under the Microscope: Evaluating Existing Django Code When Onboarding a New Client

A Talk presented by Brian Moloney, Joe Jasinski
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September 6th, 11:05 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.


As a Web development firm that specializes in Django, we receive many inquiries from organizations looking for assistance with their existing Django websites. This session will describe our process for evaluating existing codebases and deployment structures. The goal is to provide a framework for evaluating other people's code and understand the scrutiny your code may someday endure.


Taking over someone else’s code is an exercise fraught with peril. However, with the growing popularity of Django, more and more organizations are seeking companies and individuals to take over their Django website and support their existing Django codebase. This talk will describe the standardized process Imaginary Landscape has developed to evaluate existing code as part of their new client onboarding process.

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