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Tutorials Announced

We are delighted to announce that there will again be tutorials at DjangoCon US.

We received relatively small number of tutorial proposals this year—people must be busy with their day jobs! This means that we are only offering two tutorials, but they are being presented by two of the best-known and most respected Django speakers in the DC area. And you can attend them both if you want! Tutorials are on Monday September 3.

Katie Cunningham will present "Making Accessible Web Sites" in the morning, and in the afternoon Chris Adams will enlighten us with "Building Multilingual Sites."

These two tutorials together show you how to serve the largest and most diverse community possible with your Django sites. Brief outlines of Katie's and Chris's tutorials are now online, and tickets go on sale on Saturday August 11. There is sure to be high demand for the limited number of places, so reserve your ticket straight away.