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Financial Assistance

If you'd like to go to DjangoCon but might need some financial help this may be of interest to you.

The Django Software Foundation and PyLadies have teamed together to provide limited financial assistance to those wishing to attend DjangoCon. Women should check the box to indicate that they are also indicated in support from the PyLadies team. Applications can be made at this location.

This year The Open Bastion is helping the PyLadies by offering up to ten subsidized places for women delegates. If you know of a talented, deserving developer (of any gender) who might benefit greatly from attending DjangoCon, please encourage them to apply. Many thanks to Lynn Root, PyLadies, the DjangoCon organizers and the Python Software Foundation for helping manage this program.

You must apply for financial assistance by Friday, August 3, so there isn't a whole lot of tie left. Fortunately the paperwork is pretty simple, and can be done in under a minute.